Please find below most of the commonly asked questions about Everysaving.sg. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

What is Everysaving.sg?

Everysaving.sg is a website which lists promo codes and offers to help our users save money. On our site you will find thousands of promo codes to use on several online stores in order to receive discounts on your purchases.

Is Everysaving.sg free to use?

Yes. Everysaving.sg is and will always be free for visitors.

Why should I signup?

  • Signing up is free.
  • It only takes 60 seconds.
  • You will receive notifications when a new promo code is added for your favorite stores.

How can I find a promo code and how do I use it?

  1. Use the search bar to find a store.
  2. Select your favourite promo code.
  3. The code will appear and a new tab will automatically open to redirect you to the store.
  4. Simply copy the code and paste it in the appropriate box during your checkout process.
  5. Save money on your purchase.

My promo code doesn't work, what can I do?

At Everysaving.sg we test all the promo codes beforehand in order to guarantee the best experience for our users. However, problems can occur. In those situations, please check the following:

  • You haven't met all the instructions as described in the entry (ie. minimum spending, specific items concerned, exclusive to new customers).
  • You haven't entered the code correctly.
  • You need to be logged in to use the offer.

If you are still having difficulties with your promo code, please inform us.

How can I submit a promo code?

If you would like to publish a promo code or an offer on Everysaving.sg, simply fill out our form and we will review your request.